Fragments of a Female Consciousness….

nothing more than neurotic & divinely chaotic thoughts.

Dearest Sunshine,

I am all kinds of fire, I promise you, I’m all too much for you to handle. My shallow waters will drown your breath. Dearest Sunshine. I’m all kinds of … Continue reading

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Be still and know….

A man, just a boy. Seeking a ray of light. Thick sticky thoughts blind his own sight. By the stained glass window he is still and waits. Seeking atonement at … Continue reading

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What are you afraid of?

Caught somewhere between here and there. Held between asleep and awake. Floating between dreams and reality. Take my hand, pull me from the mist, Stop now, just one kiss. Air … Continue reading

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Why can’t they just leave the toilet seat however they want?!

You Are All Just Arseholes!! Or Are We Just Bitches That Expect Too Much? Seriously now? Why are you being such a mother fucking arse hole!? I raise my hands … Continue reading

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Angels Wings

Do you see? Take my hand Kiss me now Don’t look down Don’t let go Hold on tight I still fight Kill me now Alive I’ll be Watch me go … Continue reading

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My Dear Just Be Careful Of Your Heart

My dear just be careful of your heart. Play the game, it’s ever so fun. Take what you need. But protect your core. Let the flow take you, enjoy getting … Continue reading

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I’ll give you my heart if you give me your sin.

Black birds in the trees, Hollow clinking keys. Night sky washing in, Just a game, where to begin? I’ll give you my love if you give me your sin. Bind … Continue reading

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