Fragments of a Female Consciousness….

nothing more than neurotic & divinely chaotic thoughts.


Held in the landscape behind my eyes. Silence that says it all.

The pause between my words
Noise held in the still
Silent suspension
Filled with things unsaid
Falling in and out of sleep
Reality and dreams to keep
I’ll whisper in your ear
Touch, your soul, here
Hold your gaze with mine
Just say please, just one more time
Held down, head
Whispers of sticky
Viscose lust
Extremities prickle
At my feet
Ask me nicely,
A begging question to keep
A smile flickers behind the blacks of my eyes….
Ask me nicely, just one more time.
There is so much more to taste
But you’d let it all go to waste
There was a time you could have had it all
But now I will take all your flow and violently break your soul
Pain inflicted, pleasure unrestricted
Grip, firm, the power return.
A smile curls across my face
Never to tease, but for me to please
Ask me nicely, just one more time.
Delicious dark notions
Across the skies and ocean
Sweet & drip, just take a sip
Say please.
Silent eyes & held, just say please.


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