Fragments of a Female Consciousness….

nothing more than neurotic & divinely chaotic thoughts.



You are the password to my sanity
Life and love, like some kind of key.
I just want to be lost in your words,
And found in your arms.
Nothing exists outside of the landscape held behind the blacks of your eyes.
Cascading fabric, screaming and falling.
Silk rustling in my consciousness,
Terrifyingly I fall.
Body contorted, a heart unprotected.
Release and flow,
So scared to let go.
All of it is.
So is opening any door,
Shall I not live and just languish away here on my kitchen floor?
All of life,
Full of all kinds of love and strife.
Potential pain induced by risk,
But also so much to have.
Free fall,
Am I not brave?
Do I keep the door tightly closed?
Locked by fear?
Just forever left alone over here,
Or be brave and overcome all the internal dialogue?
Streaming light let in, door ajar,
Light and love, for a little or lots of time,
Basking in your sublime.
A four digit pin,
You just opened the door and strolled on in.
Be gentle in here,
Its all kinds of chaos and fear,
My ocean is also full of blue cascading divine.
Thank goodness you see,
Touch the skin on your face and just be.
Chaos Divine,


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