Fragments of a Female Consciousness….

nothing more than neurotic & divinely chaotic thoughts.

White Death. Black Life.

Ice cold and heavy, a key to the flow, crisp, pull and draw down…. Internal now exposed, skin, grip and peel away, paper thin. Black life escapes…. Viscose, velvet and beautiful…. Hold, lids clasped tightly, eyes open, draw a breath…. Raven pupils pierce your facade. Vital organs void, in their place blooming black petals and asphyxiating tendrils. A vector, consuming flesh. Strangling a passage for breath. Black life. Lips drip, sweet sticky tar. Gaze met. Do you dare? Oh black life. Swallow the remaining soul. Dark vapors rise, take a step, a restless wandering print. Black life. Pain and strife. A journey littered with broken glass, present and past. A beginning and an end. Tethered to it’s depth by mortality. Oh Black Life.

A cascade of rustling white silk. Sound hollow and peaceful. Life picked up and taken by the force of the wind; death. Hands slip in the flow, can’t grab hold. Fall. Delicate soul white feathers pierce the flesh behind. Milk white seeps from the wound. Feathers increase their assault, delicious soft cloud white fibers unfurl. Open structure and then flow. Unfolded. Pristine white, crisp white death. Wings. Unfurl and and fly. Bride white lace encases the story, leading to a path full of freedom and glory. A snowflake land, cold, eyes sparkle for the finite resolution. Oh white death.




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