Fragments of a Female Consciousness….

nothing more than neurotic & divinely chaotic thoughts.

Bright City Lights.


Take me with you,
Through the tunnel
Show me the lights
Life and my wings take flight.
From my peripheral vision I see it all flowing past.
Emerging on the other side,
Blue and red twinkle.
Filled with a smile,
Arms open,
What a glorious adventure.
Emerald green signs show me the way,
But there is no end destination.
No where to go from here.
Just this moment, this moment and these details.
What song is playing?
Can I turn it up?
Close my eyes, exhale…
Filled with breath,
Oh all the things you can see,
All the things…
In love with every infinite, intricate detail of this beautiful, painfully fragmented life and world.
Turn here, Here? Yeah, where will that road take us?
I’m not sure. Who cares.
It’s of no consequence,
What a glorious adventure.
I’ve packed my heels and my red lipstick, have you packed your… Well you know, have you got them? Oh good, eyes twinkle, then let’s fall.
Let’s fall through the tunnel and the city and these lights.
What else is this life for but to live?
But to live.
Moments & details.
To live, and love, and cry and explore & feel & fall.
And fall.


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