Fragments of a Female Consciousness….

nothing more than neurotic & divinely chaotic thoughts.

What are you afraid of?


Caught somewhere between here and there.
Held between asleep and awake.
Floating between dreams and reality.
Take my hand, pull me from the mist,
Stop now, just one kiss.
Air thick with sparkly notions.
My being, light weight, suspended here.
For all of time?
I let go, fall through and then caught again.
Suspended. Held.
Caught somewhere between there and here.
I’ve no definition that rests comfortably on my soul.
I’m all sorts of everything and a lot of nothing.
My flesh is lucid, small particles picked up with the current.
Life’s inertia. Conscious and numb.
A lot of nothing and a vast expanse of everything.
Like plumes of smoke,
My silver ash particles dance over my soul and my fingers.
If reality is nothing more than a mental construct,
It is indeed I that keeps my particles suspended in this nowhere.
Neither here not there.
On the edge, here I’ve been waiting.
Waiting to jump? Waiting to fall?
Waiting to be pushed? Or waiting to be pulled?
Crystal blue sky, silver ash suspended.
A smile takes hold, all in it’s time.
My time will come, suspension dissolve.
Allowing my internal chaos to slowly seep..
To seep out of my pores,
To escape through the gaps in my black ribbons.
A day will come when I can no longer contain it all.
Red velvet roses blooming all over my lucid flesh.
Once hidden now revealed.
Courage, I suspect I need some more.
Building, blooming. Brave am I, almost. Not quite.
Particles suspended will become but a whisper,
Ash burnt up in the space between there and here.
Fall and float and land,
And settle in the space that fills my dreams.
There will come a day when it will be all that I am.
Inhibitions and masks destroyed, broken.
No need to dream, for I will be awake in my sleep.
Awake in my sleep.


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