Fragments of a Female Consciousness….

nothing more than neurotic & divinely chaotic thoughts.

Be still and know….


A man, just a boy.
Seeking a ray of light.
Thick sticky thoughts blind his own sight.
By the stained glass window he is still and waits.
Seeking atonement at the base of the pearly gates.
He kneels at your feet.
He thinks this moment is all he seeks.
At the alter. He whispers, dear Father.
Take my sin and my shade forever after.
He’s been looking for solace in all the wrong places.
Just a vast expanse of many empty faces.
Will he find you here under this cross?
Are you really held in the colour of this pretty glass? Here and not lost?
Light shining in. Seeking to feel something within.
But it’s all just conditioning. Down to the details of your upbringing.
Social constructs and the parameters we live within.
It’s just a piece of glass and a cross made of wood.
Your spirit and life is not given to some plastic beads or colored glass, lies spun in our history’s past.
See the lines etched in your hand? & In a million tiny grains of sand.
In the eyes of your child, and the way that beautiful woman just smiled.
In the age and time left on your face and the millions of stars that sparkle in space.
You are not held in four walls, but here for you he calls.
The solace he seeks, is suspended in time. Caught in the beauty of life and held in the sublime.
He kneels with his pain and shade at the alter.
Peace he seeks, forgiveness for his own sin and theirs, he does not falter.
The image of a man, arms nailed to the wood. The icon of you just a created ideal, I hope he can see
It is bigger than all.
If he is ever so quiet he will hear, you will show him you are everywhere. A whisper in his ear.
Don’t you see? Call to me. Dear boy, I am with in and with out. You’ve no need to ever doubt.
I am as here for you as I always have been. But you won’t find me in the beautiful stained glass or that crisp wooden alter. I’m the footprints on the sand, the one holding your hand.
You won’t find me there but every where.
I am all that you are, faith, hopes and dreams created from afar.
I never left your side, it was you who was trying to hide.
Dip your finger in, a ripple created, beauty and life, the things we can not understand will one day become clear in your hand.
Dear boy rest your soul where you wish, but just know I am not suspended there, with in and with out. I am every where. I am you and me and rain drops lost in the sea.
Sun rise and sun set, here forever more, you I will not forget. In your own eyes you will see.
Within you is the key.
See me in more than you have been taught, understand bigger than your conditioned thought.
Close your eyes, stop. Be still and know.
Dear boy, be still and know.
Path departed, you’ll come back to where it all started. But this time keep your eyes open.
Be still and know, dear boy, be still.


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