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Why can’t they just leave the toilet seat however they want?!

You Are All Just Arseholes!! Or Are We Just Bitches That Expect Too Much?

Seriously now? Why are you being such a mother fucking arse hole!? I raise my hands in exasperated fury! Fucking come on now!!! I seriously cannot take much more. Really. Truly now. I look at your face and am completely torn in two, thoughts of; my god you are nice to look at and oh my what a mother fucking arse hole you are. Really. An arse hole. Perhaps it is just because you are so charming and good looking? But I have indeed met others that don’t have such a nice outer shell who are just as douchy. Yes I said, douchy, I’m not sure if that is a word. Douchy!! Your whole fucking gender!! I’m not even kidding! Have I really become some kind of post feminist man hater?! Really? But I love cock, I really do, Love fucking, I love men, and I love hugging and holding hands and all that mushy stuff. Ugh. Exasperated. You are just unbearable. And yet I seek your company, I want you. Well not you, you, but one of you, one that I enjoy taking to, one that wants to fuck me till I cant think strait and one that wants to look dreamily into my big eyes. But all of you really do piss me off! Make me so fucking angry!! And also very horny. Ugh.

But then I got to thinking, hang on, just stop a minuet, I am the common denominator here, am I not?! Is it all just me? Am I still putting out that vibe that is attracting only the arsy ones? Or is it that I am still learning? Still being sent lessons? People to cross my path to teach me things? Like hey these ones are the fuckers, keep away. Keep that little lesson in your back pocket. So is it me or them? Or a bit of both? Is it all just society? All just the way we have been conditioned to behave? Are we all just performing the roles and games we are required to play?

So lets start this debate with an age old question. One that has been debated since the invention of the good old toilet seat. Seat up or down?! Who decides? In my opinion, which of course is what matters here, it seems with this particular argument, the jury has been swung to feminine favor. Always in jokes and in movies with the hating on men for leaving the toilet seat up. Its like women of the eighties just decided that in staking their independence men must put out the rubbish on a Tuesday night, mow the lawn on a Sunday and positively must leave the toilet seat down. Other women step into her house, toilet seat down, check, yup, this woman has her power. Shit yeah! She has him well trained. The toilet seat is down! Successful woman here. Yup. I’ve never really questioned it. The seat should be down, that’s the rules right?

But then one day I saw a funny little meme about it, written by a man, basically saying, you’re a big girl, put the seat down when you need to go! And it got me thinking, it is so true! We are just as capable of putting the seat down as they are of putting it back up. Why should they have to put the seat down? Who decided that to be a rule? Why should they have to comply? We demand independence, we state we want to have the space to do what we need, but then we demand they put the seat down. It just doesn’t seem fair. At all. Its just a toilet seat. Who cares if it is up or down? Really, we are big girls, we can put it down before we pee, of that I am sure. And if one sleepy toilet break we forget, well, we will only do it once.

So an issue a tad bigger than the toilet seat… But I think the same rules should apply. Sex. Yup, lets go there. Sex. Is a guy really an arse hole if all he wants is to fuck you? Even if he only wants to fuck you once, perhaps twice? Is he really? We all really can not be anything other than we are. Why should we be making poor guys play silly games and be caught in such silly dances and pretenses, when they just want a root. That is ok. Isn’t it?. Why do we make them feel bad for their physical needs and desires? Sometimes all I feel like is a fuck, something quick and random. Should I be made to feel like a horrible arsehole because that’s all I want? I don’t think so. At all. In fact I’m sure I may be congratulated in some circles for being ‘empowered’.

And conversely why should we, women, be made to feel that we are clingy or needy if we want more than just a fuck? None of it makes any sense to me. We are all different, we each have different needs and different wants at different times in our lives. All of it should be ok, shouldn’t it?!

What I think frustrates me about men, is when they pretend they want something different, but actually they just want a fuck. But then I think, hang on, is that our fault too? And by ‘our’ I mean, society and women in general. Are they conditioned that way? That they must play the game? To hide what they actually want from you because it is not yet socially acceptable to just say, hey I want to just fuck you, is that cool? You down with that? It seems to me we are all just caught in a little dance of social conventions. So often the world professes we have moved past all that, we are empowered! Damn it we are free! But of course we are still bound by social rules.

Some argue that social parameters are required. That we do each need a certain amount of predictable rules to work within, otherwise society would just fall apart. I’m not so sure. I tend to be very forward and forthright and often I find that makes people feel either offended or they just don’t understand. My internal dialogue goes like this, I would really like to tell this woman I don’t give a fuck about her cat, but just be cool DC, ask her how it went in the show? Oh it came third did it? Oh that’s splendid! Yes my day has been lovely thank you. And of course she is a lovely girl and I don’t want to offend her, I am not cruel. I just tire of the social games we are required to play. But honestly how refreshing would it be if we were all just honest. Or would it?

With men, I can plainly see through the song they are playing me, but calling them out on their plays I don’t think would necessarily have a positive out come. The silly to and fro, its all just a game, the things they say. Its so very tedious, Hun? Really? Cute Stuff I was called this evening. *Rolls eyes, really? Fuck off. One guy recently, who I actually didn’t mind his company, was itching after diner, I made a joke and said hey next time we can just skip dinner! (insert winky face here), he then in all seriousness replied with; I was, going to suggest that (insert cheesy horny face here) Ugh. Such silly words he had dispensed to me during our brief courtship. Words that would give any woman the impression he was after more. But all along he was just playing the game. Thankfully I am not completely afflicted with a stupid female sensibility. So on with the show. Now I know, I can just keep you at bay, and take from you what I want. A tad bitchy perhaps you say? But is it? Am I not behaving any different to them? Just beating them at their game? At least I have the presence of mind to not get my conversations mixed up! Like this lovely fellow while we were at dinner. Umm nope, no, that was not me you had that conversation with, must have been one of the others. (You mother fucking arse hole) Again, here I would like to clarify, he is not an arse hole for clearly having multiple lovers (lovers? I mean fucks) Since I last saw him, what makes him an arse hole is giving me the impression I was the only one, of implying he wanted more than just sex, Fuck off sunshine. The game is now mine.

Perhaps its just me? Am I the only woman in the world that would rather the games ended? Is my gender so silly that you really do require all the fluff? How disappointing. I hope not.

I honestly would rather they just say, Hey Id like to fuck you, lets make a time, that’s all I want though, is that cool? I honestly would rather that. Honestly. Then I have the option of making an informed decision. Then I can choose to say, yeah ok I’m in the mood for some fun or actually I’m out, but enjoy your journey Sir! But no, few have the fucking balls to be so honest. But as previously stated I’m not so sure it is entirely their fault. It’s all so very frustrating.

But really, come now! You’re a big boy. Perhaps, just try it, just try being honest and open. And stupid girls! Lets try to stop hating on men for being who they are. They may be in the mood for something casual, so what? Go them! Perhaps what fucks us over and breaks our hearts is ‘us’ making them feel like they must play the game to get their needs met. Can we not all just be grown ups about this whole thing? This is what I want, this is what you want, this time it clicks, next time perhaps it wont and its all ok, OK? Well I think it should be.

It is indeed the game that messes with our heads. Really, when you pretend you want more, but don’t, then you complain that girls are emotional and crazy, well you brought that on your self sunshine! And then we in turn will claim you are all arse holes, poor boys, its not just them, its as much the girls and the silly social conventions we are required to play within. I will just say this: Guys, it really is cruel to behave as if you want more. Girls, just let a poor guy be who he is. Lets all just desist with the games. Lets all just stop making apologies for who we are, let them leave the toilet seat however they want! Is the position of the toilet seat really of great significance in this life?! Nope, it is not! We are, each gender who we have been created to be. We should not on either side be required to make apologies for who we are or what we need. Lets all just hold hand hands in some fabulous hippie circle, burning bras and toilet seats!! Ok!?

Well that’s my two cents worth. I’m out.


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