Fragments of a Female Consciousness….

nothing more than neurotic & divinely chaotic thoughts.

My Dear Just Be Careful Of Your Heart

My dear just be careful of your heart.
Play the game, it’s ever so fun. Take what you need. But protect your core. Let the flow take you, enjoy getting lost. Open the lock, just make sure you keep the key. Move the pieces to your pleasure, for your own control, just don’t give away your rules. Protect your queen, keep her boarders safe. Such a game has great risks, the only way to not get burnt is to control the flame. To and fro, back and forth, it’s all just a dance, but don’t leave anything to chance. With matters such as this you must take a step back, keep your heart in one hand and the key in the other. Good. Now smile, dip your toes in the velvet pool, bite your lip, don’t let your control slip, but get lost in the red. Know what it all is, don’t let your heart expect anymore, enjoy the ride, enjoy the flow, let it empower your veins. Just make sure you hold the reigns. Control while you get lost. My dear let go while you hold on, just protect your fragmented heart. You say you know the score but sometimes we trick our selfs and unlock the door. Just be careful. Understand your power, understand your desire, know where it ends and your heart begins. Be kind and gentle while you seek your violent pleasure. You’re a delicious velvet red rose, time for your petals to unfurl, for you passion and love to uncurl. Enjoy the spiral while you find your feet. Moments to come and go, yours now to keep. This time it’s all for you. My dearest just protect your heart. The game has just begun, ready to let go, you’re at the start. My dear just protect your heart.


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