Fragments of a Female Consciousness….

nothing more than neurotic & divinely chaotic thoughts.

I’ll give you my heart if you give me your sin.


Black birds in the trees,
Hollow clinking keys.
Night sky washing in,
Just a game, where to begin?
I’ll give you my love if you give me your sin.
Bind my wrists and my heart and I’m afraid you may have my soul & that’s just the start.
Whisper sweet nothings, firmly grip my skin and I’m afraid you could take all that’s within.
Don’t want you to see all my secrets,
Revealed too much.
I’ll say you can’t keep it.
Cotton candy, Red. A weeping heart, flowing & bled.
Don’t play this game if you don’t want to keep me.
They very notion is indeed nonsense you see.
It’s all I’ve offered but I’ve more to give.
Lies and walls built, it’s just how we live.
Black birds flying high,
In love perhaps it’s my time to die.
A red velvet ribbon,
Tedious lies taken and given.
If you bind my wrists and my heart,
You will have all my truth and could pull me apart.
Treading on the edge of the knife.
But don’t you realize, perhaps it’s the pain I like.
Pleasure and pain. Really it’s all just a game.
Your black within mirrors my sin.
I don’t want to play anymore. I want something real and raw.
Bind my heart and my hand, I’ll have no choice, forever I’ll be yours.
A hollow heavy key,
Unlock, eyes open, now don’t you see?
I’ll give you my love if you give me your sin.


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