Fragments of a Female Consciousness….

nothing more than neurotic & divinely chaotic thoughts.

Game Master


Game master
Master of play
Did you think I’d get caught in the tedious little things you say?
Game master
Think you hold all the strings
Tugging some heart to see what it brings
Game master
Bored of your life?
Just looking to conjure up some strife?
Game master
Moving the pieces here & there
A power play, but I actually don’t care.
Game master
You demand things your not willing to give.
Back & forth,empty, Im sure you are happy with how you choose to live.
Game master
Stop. Roll the dice.
No real chances you take, hollow is your life.
Game master
To you we are all just pieces on the board.
Your sharp words cutting like a silver sword.
Game master
You don’t know my fire. Go on, light the flame.
You’ll not win here, I know how to play this game.
Game master
How’d you think it would go this time?
Check mate Sunshine, check mate.


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