Fragments of a Female Consciousness….

nothing more than neurotic & divinely chaotic thoughts.



Take me to the stars & I’ll meet you at your moon, sparkles on the sand, never too late or too soon.
A dainty feather in my hand,
Words and life to no particular plan.
A delicious breeze takes your time,
It’s delicate life, now caught in my little rhyme.
‘We build a fortress to keep them out’
Learning to let go, coming back to the start.
Standing here open,
Words, life and love a small little token.
A lesson disbursed on the line,
Keep it in my pocket for another time.
Thank you dear Sir for all that you are,
Your sharp words cutting away another little scar.
Keeping you at bay, dear stranger, who knew you’d be a lesson for my today.
Each path I cross offers me another piece. Profound and amazing and beautiful and messy. Neurotic and calm. Stop. Dear delicate little feather resting in my palm.
The beautiful violent wind will carry you away, all at once lost and found.
Look where I am, here, today.

A smile rests on my being, dearest life, so what’s next?


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