Fragments of a Female Consciousness….

nothing more than neurotic & divinely chaotic thoughts.



I am open and receptive to ALL good.
Not just some, not just a little bit,
But all good.
As I am, I am ok.
My needs are met by my own internal light and being.
I am tall and strong.
I am beautiful and flawed and comfortable in my own skin.
I am light and love.
I am unwavering.
I will accept into my space only a reflection of all that I am.
I will openly accept the lessons and light and love that cross my path.
External forces will swirl around me,
Your highs and lows do not define me.
I am quite fine with out all the nonsense.
I emanate warmth and I am an open channel for all that I seek to give and receive.
Today, in this moment, is all there is.
Nothing before me,
Nothing behind me.
Just me, me and you, right here, right now.
My arms open, on the edge and jump..
Full of light and freedom..
Full of all that I am.
Mirror my light and shade.
I will accept nothing less.
Eyes closed, my being falls ever so gloriously through this life.
Take my hand now.
Don’t let go, get lost in the flow.
This moment. Completely lost.
All that you are.
Meet me here, match my reflection.
Open and receptive to all good.
To all the amazing messy beautiful lesson that shall encase me.
Wings unfold, let go, fall…
Open and receptive to all good…..
Open and receptive to the moments in time.
Well this has become just another tedious little rhyme.


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