Fragments of a Female Consciousness….

nothing more than neurotic & divinely chaotic thoughts.

Red. Alone or Red.

I can’t possibly settle for a pedestrian connection. How could you mirror my ocean.
Poetic nonsense to be caught in depth, I need to feel and see and be lost in your magic and my own. Prosaic love and glorious words. Catch my eye, don’t speak to me. I promise you just my shallow waters will drown your breath. More than a pretty thing to be kept behind glass. A delicious breeze softly kisses my face. Hi there. I’m sure you are sweet. I’m sure you kind. But I can see your energy, my wings clipped. No not this time.

Can you feel my blood drip? Twirl on my feet, rustling cascades of material. My heart large and feel. Tied with a bow, once released, can’t let go. Intense love of passion and black, once let go can never get back. Can’t settle for a pedestrian existence. Anything less than red will render me flightless. But perhaps such a desire has cursed my path. Set me to wander alone forever, the inability to settle. At times I allow the notion to creep in… But only ever for a brief moment. I’m too vast, wide and deep, a pedestrian existence I can’t keep.

Such dreamy notions drown my breath. Now watch my step. I can’t possibly settle for pedestrian. Fate sealed by my own hand. I fear I have indeed cursed my path. But I simply can not allow such brown to take my life. Red. Nothing but red. Still a colour, I know, but would you settle for brown if there was hope of red? Perhaps now doomed to live forevermore in hope. While we are waiting for our red, the notion will give tired dreams life. Forevermore in hope. Holding out for a delicious velvet red.

Red. Nothing less. Alone or red.


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