Fragments of a Female Consciousness….

nothing more than neurotic & divinely chaotic thoughts.


You all make promises you can’t keep,
And the cynicism continues to seep.
You look into my eyes saying an absolute truth,
All the things we believed in our youth.
Now I’m just old and tired,
Emotions & hope weary, strung out, wired.
You whisper sweet nothings,
A living rose, reduced to dead cuttings.
Why do you tickle my heart?
When it was all untruths from the start.
Notifications inferring potential for you,
I’ll just add it to the pile of lies, one million and two.
Don’t you see how our hearts work?
Your nonsense pulls them out, then empty you jerk.
Just leave it alone!
Fuck off with your heart of cold stone!
Hope forever wasted,
Then waning thin, pain tasted.
It all commences with much red,
But all the colour diminishes past the bed.
I can’t take anymore,
Nonsense & hope & love left out side my door.
I have to restrain from reaching,
Your tedious empty words can’t be keeping.
You take me and undress,
My love you did caress…
But wanted no more,
I did know the score.
I fall into empty sleep,
Now shivering cold from your diminished heat.
Why did you hold my hand,
A million cold words like sparkly grey sand.
Uttering words with no meaning,
I stood to the side, just watching, seeing.
Twinkling night lights,
Now cold, I’ll take flight.
Was it you? Or all made up in my head.
Either way it’s all over, forever dead.
Wings open, I will fall for a time, another.
Hold on tight, there will be a together.
Won’t there?


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