Fragments of a Female Consciousness….

nothing more than neurotic & divinely chaotic thoughts.

A beautiful new day…


My head and my heart rest on the sand. Waiting for the glow of the sun to edge it’s way into my horizon. I can hear nothing but the sound of the tide lapping on the sand and the gentle numb of my own fragmented thoughts.

Cool sparkly grains beneath me, resting in my own chaos. My mind is lucid and flows. Thoughts full, coming into focus and out again. Can’t see them clearly, can’t articulate their meaning.

Dawn on the beach, hopes and dreams I still reach. The morning sky reveals a lighter shade of blue. The day draws near. Specs of glitter still sparkle above me.

Footprints litter the sand from many a life passing by. Remnants of the evening lights still twinkle in the distance. My head full of liquid, my heart full of numb.

The sky lightens another shade. Beautiful curling waves, like tendrils of life, lap on the shore. They beat a gentle rhythm. Listen to me, listen to me. Do you hear?

My features feel like they have been painted by Dali. Eyes dripping from my frame. I just want to dissolve into sleep, for all of time.

The evening gives way to the day. The night sky all but gone. The shore greets it’s morning patrons. Good morning, good morning. A new day is born.

Toes crinkling in the sand file past me and down to the water. Good morning they offer with a smile. Good morning.

Their faces etched with years gone by. Between them they gently chatter and giggle. They haven’t a care in the world. They know something I don’t. Their age has given them something I’ve yet to learn.

Their bodies imperfect and full of beautiful flaws. Their faces sparkle with lines and a smile. Bathers and swimming caps, they paddle in the shallow waters. The concerns of this life don’t seem to know them. They smile, and free.

The last slowly walks back up the sand. Nice swim? Her sparkly eyes, full of life meet my own. She smiles, in a gentle voice she offers; there are no words to explain how beautiful this water. No words. Beauty and smile.

The horizon now painted a gentle warm pink, offers the beginnings of a beautiful new day. Light, beauty, smile and say. A beautiful new day.


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