Fragments of a Female Consciousness….

nothing more than neurotic & divinely chaotic thoughts.

How do I say fuck you? One, ten, two…

How do I say fuck you?
Such filth from my mouth,
My grandmother would be ever so disappointed.
Filled up with love and hate,
The door to my heart,
A black heavy gate.

How do I say fuck you.
A bucket of dried beans,
Dip my fingers in,
Tactile, smooth, so many.
I feel like some toast,
And a cup of tea.

You speak such grand words.
But your reality is just as banal as mine.
Toast and tea, work and sleep.
Your words are ever so empty,
The energy you can’t keep.

Caught in a perpetual cycle
Of your own self absorbed romanticism.
Your prose fills me with lethargic cynicism.
Your own heart you paint black.
Your obsessive love ready to attack.
Full of beautiful words,
Eating you from your insides out.

Tedious wallowing nonsense.
A mirror, your reflection is bare.
You see it all, but couldn’t give a care.
Don’t eat. Don’t sleep.
Nothing but wishing your past minuets to keep.
Hoping your half circle to complete.
How do I say fuck you?
Such a wasted heart,
One, ten, two….

From your fingers spill such grand empty prose.
Your times new roman,
Like a beautiful unfolding rose.
Sweet words you say,
All full of empty from your yesterday.

You offer things you intended to keep.
Tedious typings send our hearts to sleep.
How do I say fuck you?
Romantic nonsense men,
A seemingly perfect score, a full ten.

How do I say fuck you.
Lines held together,
You’ll make them all swoon,
Pull tight that tether.
Delusions of grandeur.
But your just an empty flat and a dim flickering light.

Attract, like a moth to a flame.
Wings offered and open,
Then quickly clasped shut.
Empty heart,
Your words just a slut.
But you are who you are,
How can I say fuck you?
Just keep your words away from my heart,
and perhaps we can go back to the start.


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