Fragments of a Female Consciousness….

nothing more than neurotic & divinely chaotic thoughts.

Society’s lost and wasted…


Society’s lost and wasted,
Languishing away in a motorized mobility device.
Decaying flesh escaping from his fragmented coverings.
Compulsive actions protrude from his primary orifice.

Society’s lost and wasted.
Boarding a train ride with no destination.
A forsaken existence, here take this pill, use this chair, they will help you forget your headed for landfill.

Society’s lost and wasted.
The poverty line you fly below.
Fill that form for your welfare claim, completely blind to your own pain.
Tired skin dripping from your frame.
Look away. If you don’t see then perhaps it’s not some kind of reality.

Society’s lost and wasted.
Eyes filled with repulsion. A hand you may need but no one to touch. Quick fill him with band aids and drugs. Hand him a motorized mobility device, to society it’s a high price. But the band aid cheaper than the cure. Are you sure?

Society’s lost and wasted.
Where is your social conscience. But look he is costing us so much, look at that expensive mobility device! We have already given him so much.
To connect, his dripping casing we don’t want to touch.

Society’s lost and wasted.
His little orange flag flies behind. His legs capable, perhaps not the strongest. I see him stand all he needs is a held hand. But he has been prescribed this pill. Now swallow.

Society’s lost and wasted.
He is held in his own ignorant bliss.
Who am I to tell him otherwise, I’ll just step over these decaying bodies, just follow the crowd.
Laneways full of black in a city so bright.
It’s the natural order, right? Now who am I to fight.

Society’s lost and wasted.
What bearing on any of it will this prose have.
How can I help you today?
A soy chai latte please.
Lost in pop inertia is my tale,
All opinions at a price, for sale.

Society’s lost and wasted.
Flesh, bones, blood & mind. Skin, eyes, hand and heart.
Lost, wasted.


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