Fragments of a Female Consciousness….

nothing more than neurotic & divinely chaotic thoughts.

Pale blue sky, let go, fly..


The unsettled thoughts of a restless soul…….

Something about purpose and silly rhyme, dear me I’ve run out of time.
Looking for a rush or a cut, looking for love or pain.
It’s all the same.
Wake me up from my unconscious wandering.
To feel fucking anything I’m longing.
Entertain me! Fuck me, pluck me from my numb.
My heart slows like a gentle beating drum.
My body full of numb.
A pointless empty shell of an existence,
The train carries me all the way in,
To a black heart of sin.
Cold and no where to be,
Talking nonsense of being ‘free’
I can’t stand the pressure, can’t stand the rush.
Enter the folds, lost, plush.
Hold, let go, lost in the flow.
Take me home, I feel ever so sic.
I don’t want to be a grown up,
Ever so empty is my cup.
Can’t see the light, can’t seem to take flight.
Veins full of empty ash,
Black, my heart I can’t catch.
Lost in my own self indulgent nonsense.
Just shut up, turn me on, play me a song, I want to escape.
Prick and pain, flow in vain.
I wish my heart would just give up,
Your not listening,
Take my hand, wake me up.
Close my eyes, I look up to the skies.
We accept the life we think we deserve….
I feel the same pain over and over,
No such thing as luck left from my four leaf clover.
No such thing as fate?
If We create our own reality…
Then Such a shame is my fucked up sensibility.
His love is supposed to pick up where we left off,
To fill the gap in faith.
To fill me up, so very empty,
A lonely lock and key.
Looking for answers, looking to disperse the negative energy.
Glass half empty, glass half full
Just trying to convince you like a silly fool.
Sitting on a park bench,
Waiting, looking and hoping.
Looking for someone to make me feel better.
Looking for something to fill me and feel full.
Dear powers that be,
I’m here can’t you see?
Take my hand, take me anywhere.
Where am I supposed to be?
I can’t keep walking this path alone,
I fear my heart will be lost and turn to stone.
It’s all in your head, heart open, empty bed.
A silly prose, my eyes slowly close….
Take me now, release, flow and down…..
Free fall to the black, no way to ever get back.
What bliss.
Good bye, just one last kiss….


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