Fragments of a Female Consciousness….

nothing more than neurotic & divinely chaotic thoughts.

Who played who?


The phone doesn’t ring,
My silent heart, a tune, doesn’t sing.
I’ll forget you all,
I’ve not let go, didn’t let myself fall.
My heart remains mine,
Tick tock, midnight, chime.
Hold my hand,
Emotions, bland.
A neck to kiss,
It’s all just empty bliss.
I’ll forget you all.
Walls built around, so very tall.
I’ll fucking forget you all.
Lost in a moment of skin,
But no real truth can penetrate in.
Left alone, due to my heart of cold stone.
So much time on my hands,
Nothing really ever goes to plan.
Forgotten, languishing away.
Hearts for sale, left out for another day.
I’ll forget you all,
Faces like whispery ghosts lost against the wall.
A candy bar, empty variety.
Soft words spoken in many places.
A game of roles, played out like performing dolls.
Too and fro, come and go, dance for me now, a smile from an empty clown.
Power to play me like a fiddle, thought you reached my soft warm middle.
But of course you didn’t, ha! Of course you didn’t.
I’ve no tune available to you,
Cold, don’t you see?
You thought you got what you wanted from me.
But it was I all along who got what I wanted from you.
Really, who played who?


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