Fragments of a Female Consciousness….

nothing more than neurotic & divinely chaotic thoughts.

Words and life


I’m on the edge, toes curled around the ledge, ready to jump, feel the breeze kiss my face.

Everything seems so out of place,

I’m not meant to be here, I’m meant to fly, to let go.

But I’m gripping, hanging on for dear life,

So very scared, whatever for?

Scared of what is on the other side of the door.

I can not free fall, but it is all I have ever wanted, to let go

Love and whispers settling in the snow

For a day and a time, me, just me, my moments will be all mine.

Love, but not what you think, love for just me, don’t you see?

Not of another, but of life, of my being, to never let go of seeing.

What is right, what is wrong, lost in the notes of your song.

Standing on the ledge, crumbling edge, dying to fall..

Life and moments are everything, but they seem so small

So very insignificant and yet so tall

Everything and nothing,

The ledge is my cross road…..

To continue down my current path, safe and numb, existing…

Or to take the other, to jump into the unknown…

We talk into the night over a glass of warm red,

Dreams and wishes dispensed,

Are either of us brave enough to fall?

What else is this life for? To be safe? To let go?

Conventions and expectations,

Bound by limitations, bound by a pedestrian existence.

Is it really so bad? Pressure, pushing for more,

Perhaps it is only all the marketing perfection that creates discontent.

Perhaps it is not so bad, food in your belly, a roof over your head….

What right do we have to expect anything more?

Existing, it feels like a closed door.

Existence, to exist………but oh to live!!

But oh to fall, a head filled with wings so tall…

So scared to let go, so scared to stand still…

I can feel the storm swelling,

Wind lapping and curling,

Cool on my skin, touching something within…

Jump the wind whispers, let go…

Words gently flowing in the storm…

Let go, I will catch you….

Be still and know, trust what’s within, ice cold like the snow.

Your own truth you already know,

You just have to listen and let go.

Prickly skin gives way to wishes within,

To the undisclosed desires,

Igniting life and twinkling fires.

You are infinite, I am eternal….

Let go and free fall…..

You know your truth.

Be still and listen,

Infinite and yet so very small.

Everything and nothing.

Close your eyes and let go……..

Trust and just know…


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