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My heart in your words.


My heart strangely feels an ache when I see you pass by.
A love of some kind, really just a whisper. Like the rise and fall of the notes in a symphony. The rise ever so loud, the fall like dissolving notes. Like shadows between the moments and details.
A face so familiar but just a stranger. So many details I know, all life and feeling however dissolving in the snow.
Like a perfect swirl in a body of water, fingers dipped, the inertia began. No turning back, flood gates open.
Love, an empty heart. Moments and details, empty from the start.
How could you know, well actually, I told you so.
Love, fleeting, like crisp snowflakes melting in the warmth of your hand.
A face never touched, really you said so much.
It is said a hearts love can be fleeting, but once It is let go, it will be keeping.
It’s pure and true, such silly nonsense. A heart given too quickly to you.
But in truth as in love I don’t think we choose who to let go. Just giving over to a moment, we free fall, what glory. Life and times giving over to a whole new story.
The ebb and flow of life can often give way to such strife. A risk. A heart. A beginning and inevitably an ending.
Such silly nonsense, but there it is.
My heart feels an ache when I see you pass by. Your words once made me feel as though I could fly.
The flow takes us places unexpected, an image now cooly reflected.
Time just borrowed for a moment,
A heart given like some kind of atonement.
Dearest you, The End.
No amount of words can transcend.
For those precious borrowed units of time, you were indeed all mine.
And now it’s all done, which is fine, just fine. You were indeed never really mine.
And still, my heart strangely feels an ache when I see you pass by.
You were only ever destined to be but a whisper on my words.
How lovely you were.


One comment on “My heart in your words.

  1. meo..... laura
    February 12, 2014

    Welcome in my world……..


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