Fragments of a Female Consciousness….

nothing more than neurotic & divinely chaotic thoughts.

Fickle Hearts


Fickle fucking heart
I should have known from the start.
Love and words unfolding,
Emotions lay in wait, smoldering,
They don’t realize their power,
Stars falling, lost in their shower.
Fickle fucking heart,
Writing was on the wall at the start.
The common denominator,
Is me. Just me.
Prickly skin, don’t let them in.
& then I jump, open, reveal,
The end, now sealed.
My light & shade,
The price now paid.
I can’t be anything other than I am,
But if I hold it all together, if I stick to the plan?
Fuck it all, the expectations much to tall.
Piles of fickle bloody hearts.
Pretending & wearing their little masks.
I do declare, wings shot to pieces,
Breath to her flight, hold on tight.
Provision of time, oh they will say it’s a sign.
Fickle fucking heart.
Time no longer considered,
Over before it began.
A heart that opens, so full,
Then withers away to return from whence it came.
Petals fall to the floor,
Once open, now a closed door.
Tears follow the trail of wilted petals,
Broken love left in their wake.
They had not a care for all they did take.
Fickle fucking hearts.


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