Fragments of a Female Consciousness….

nothing more than neurotic & divinely chaotic thoughts.

Don’t let go. Hope.


So much life yet to unfold,
Secrets to tell, embrace, hold.
Uncurling wings,
Free she sings.
Her youth not completely spent,
The rest of her moments a gift, heaven sent.
So many more lives to cross her own,
Words of life and love in her fibers sewn.
Her being reaching for the stars,
Taking with her, her beautiful scars.
Senses prickly, alive & awake & free.
Wings, fly. Take off, two steps forward, one back. Keep going.
As sure as the summer sky is blue,
Let go, trust, I will take care of you.
Allow your hope to swell,
Close your eyes and breathe.
Our foot steps in the sand,
Trust, take my hand.
Life and miracles rise around you,
Open your eyes, you just have to look.
Inside you there is a beating heart,
I’ve a plan for you, destined from the start.
Be still and know, let this life wash over you, like a gentle breath of ocean breeze.
A gift I give, life, a song in your head, blood in your veins, love and art in your heart.
Each moment you have is a gift, a treasure. A gift for you, Thankyou, it’s my pleasure.
Your moments however are few,
Precious gifts given to you.
Sparkling stars, that will materialize, then burn and be gone.
Like sherbet on your tongue,
Close your eyes and savor each one.
Your life, this is all you get,
Grasp it’s core, love, cry, dance, feel, soar.
Let go, hold on, listen to the twinkling melody in your ear.
Let go of your fear.
Trust and hope.
Let it rise till it’s fills your dreamy eyes.
It’s all you need, a perfect divine little seed.
Trust and hope.
Let go, take my hand, get lost in my orchestrated plan.
Trust and hope.
Fear is your only tether, let it float away like an ash grey feather.
Know you are loved,
know you are worthy.
beautiful peals in your hand,
toes crinkling in the sand.
This moment is all you have,
Let it swell with hope,
Blessed and alive and awake and free.


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