Fragments of a Female Consciousness….

nothing more than neurotic & divinely chaotic thoughts.

Things that should remain un said…


Fantacy swirling round my head, full of words that should remain unsaid.
Black lacy knickers & a dressing gown,
Come on in, sit down.
Don’t say a word, don’t tell me a thing.
I don’t want your heart, I said that from the start.
But in this moment I’m all yours, at your mercy, do with me what you will.
Take me because I’ll be taking you.
Sir I’ll ruin you. Bound you will be, I’ll have you for that moment don’t you see.
Swallow, hold,
firm, you were told.
Lower down, now don’t make a sound.
Wet & hot & deep, this moment is all you can keep.
I’ll hold your head down, glistening sweat, like a sweet lil crown.
Feel your breath, see my eyes, a firm grip, bite my lip.
A rainy day, nothing you can say.
Whisper in my ear, increase your pace.
Sweet drops of sweat, hot, exhale, deep & repeat, this moment you can keep.
Take me hard, over & over till my vision is impaired.
Don’t be gentle now, I won’t break.
My screams are all that’s at stake….
Don’t stop now, over & again.
Did you hear me? I told you not to stop.
Like a time bomb, a ticking clock.
Bare in this moment,
This is the totality of me,
Light and shade don’t you see.
For the sweet and the raw,
Now that it’s open,
I can’t close the door.
Night and day,
Pain and play.
What did you say?
Reality, take it or leave it.
So much more I could say,
Real, dirty, raw and sweet.
This moment is all you can keep.


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