Fragments of a Female Consciousness….

nothing more than neurotic & divinely chaotic thoughts.

With certainty, I know what I want.


Got you scared.
All the awesome stuck in your head.
Your words all just pre-prepared.
The thread continues,
Perhaps the moment is lost.
Brilliance comes at a cost.
Cook me quick?
Hush up,
I bet my heels
Are bigger than your prick.
A man with passion,
Perhaps, just a mythical creature.
Not just for fun,
I’ve fought many a battle & won.
Oh I got the message,
Messin with a man?
Oh my dear,
You’ve no fucking idea.
Real blood you fuckers can shed,
But you shoot not for the head.
You aim for the heart,
And most often that’s just the start.
What remains in its place,
After the battle has been fought,
Is something not the least bit distraught,
But a heart full of ash,
And solidified black,
A heart now strong,
And ready to attack.
I’ve no soul left to take,
You can try, but it’s a mistake.
Man is that all you’ve got?
Hey can you deal,
Do you have internals that are real?
I want you to fight with me,
Some one who can match my fucked up sensibility.
Mirror my black,
Come on now, don’t hold back.
My mouth opens,
With silent screams,
I now know what I want.
All the rest is just silly dreams.
Some one who bites,
Some one who wont give up the fight.
Perhaps I am just destined to walk this world alone.
But my heart is not made only of stone.
My heart may be full of ash, black,
Things unsaid that I can not take back.
You cant hold me down,
You cant keep me in.
Anything other than complete freedom,
Is a sin.
You have something to say?
Put it all away.
I don’t have the time.
All of this is just a silly rhyme.
I want to know my equal.
To be challenged,
To challenge and play,
So much so,
I cant walk the next day.
Through your time,
Spend a rhyme,
Wait for me
Can you see, can you see?
You have something to say?
Put it all away.
Words disbursed,
In a sonnet, a verse.
Smother me,
I will smother you.
My flow of Times New Roman,
Like black seeds,
Falling to the road.
Landing and dying,
With no where to take root.
Giving with nothing to replenish.
Words from a random poet,
That don’t have the stamina,
To keep up with my sonnet.
I now know what I want,
I can accept nothing less.
All you have to know,
Is my head and my heart is a mess.
It’s my Chaos Divine,
Divine Chaos I love.
It took the eyes of another,
For me to see,
And set me free,
Like a dove.
If you cant mirror my black,
Then take a step back.
If you cant handle the flame,
There is no one to blame.
Passion and fight,
Only lost in that,
Can true love take flight.
The very notion is idealistic,
But I’ve decided to my guns I will stick.
Perhaps the nail in my coffin,
Perhaps my death warrant,
I have just signed.
But I can not go on living life blind.
My mask has dissolved,
So many things now resolved.
In me,
In this moment,
I am free.
My heart is not made of stone,
Perhaps destined to walk this life alone.
My ash heart of depth and black,
Is equally full of love and passion.
But I would rather live black,
Than take my mask back.
Never again can I be invisible,
Take me or leave me,
Bare am I now,
All I ask is that you SEE me.


2 comments on “With certainty, I know what I want.

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes
    October 28, 2013

    Brilliant. Is the photo you?

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