Fragments of a Female Consciousness….

nothing more than neurotic & divinely chaotic thoughts.

Black Butterfly Dreams


A hand full of grey sparkling ash
A mind full of crystal dreams
A life with few precious moments.
She dares to dream,
With big eyes and black wings.

Ash whispers full of dreams,
And black wings full of flight.
Let go, take off into the night.
Just a whisper, Just a moment
Take my hand, come with me.

floating ash and prickly wings,
A black butterfly full of dreams.
Just a whisper and a moment.
A gentle whisper under her wings,
To give life to her dreams.

Dear life, dear world,
Dear city with sparkling night lights,
A black butterfly at your disposal.
What would you do with her?
Just for a time, just for a whisper.
What would you do with her?

You cant keep her any more than she can keep you
But just for a time, just a whisper,
Just a moment she is all yours.
What would you do with her?
If her prickly particles could settle in your time,
Dear world you could declare she is mine,
But just for a moment, just whisper.

Dear life, dear world
Dear city full of sparkly night lights,
Be gentle, be kind,
She is yours for just a whisper in time.
At your mercy, dear world
She is yours.

Take her ash wings,
Take her away,
To her dreams,
Take her black wings.
She is dying to fly,
For a whisper
And a moment
She is all yours.
Forever dear dreams.
Forever in her never.



One comment on “Black Butterfly Dreams

  1. 1959duke
    October 3, 2013

    Reblogged this on Change is Never Ending.

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