Fragments of a Female Consciousness….

nothing more than neurotic & divinely chaotic thoughts.

Dear Stalker Girl.


Dear Stalker Girl
Because I know you’ve been reading,
I know you can see.
What’s actually wrong with you?
None of this is really about me.
You’ve stolen my words,
And made them your own.
Did you think I didn’t know?
Did you think I can not see?
You forget one simple fact,
I know your truth.
Oh yes I do.
I see you.
The totality of you.
‘Stupid girl’?
Stupid girl you say?
I know you are reading,
Yes this is for you.
You know who you are,
Dear stalker girl.
Dear diary you say?
Is that the best you can do?
I fucking dare you,
To be your true self,
Courage you lack.
You can not be your truth.
You’ve just stolen mine.
Which is fine my dear, just fine.
Dear stalker girl,
Stupid girl who sends me essays in the night.
Relentless you are,
What gives you the right?
Oh you know who you are.
You can not hide from me.
I can see, I can see.
With perfection and clarity,
My dear I can see.
You can take all my words,
I dare you, take them all.
You will still never be me.
Dear stalker girl, do you worst.
I dare you,
No wait, I fucking dare you.
You don’t use that word much do you?
And strangely it suddenly finds itself in you words.
How curious,
Curious indeed.
Dear stalker girl,
You are just a whisper,
Just a copy of all you see.
Dear stalker girl,
You don’t have the courage to let go.
You don’t have the strength to just be.
You are just a whisper.
They see all you are,
The powers that be.
Posing with your smile,
With your mask you can hide.
But we can see, not all, just some,
And of course me.
An online mask you create,
No amount of blocks can keep you away.
So I’m done,
I’m out, I don’t really care.
Do your worst, oh yes, yes I dare.
Continue your onslaught,
To attack with all that you are.
I dare you,
Let go, let it all go.
I dare you.
Stop holding those ribbons so tight,
I dare you to give up the fight.
Have the courage to be,
To be your true self.
And then you will see.
Let go, do your worst, I dare you.
No I fucking dare you.
Dear stalker girl,
Yes this is for you.
You know who you are.
I have been calm,
I have been patient,
I have blessed you on your way.
But you can let it be,
Don’t you see? None of this is about me.
Enough I have said,
Lets put this to bed,
Move on, let go,
Drink some tea, Keep calm.
But you just cant let go of my arm.
My patience is now thin,
More onslaught of your words,
And now I’m done.
So dearest stalker girl,
I do declare, do your worst.
Do your fucking worst.
Such childish silly notions,
I’ve no time for your ‘Moments that matter’
Do your worst,
I fucking dare you.
You can not hurt my truth,
Because my dear I know yours.
I see you dear stalker girl,
I see you.


(If you’ve gotten this far, Check Mate. If you respond in any way, you’ll have confirmed it all, check mate)

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  1. 1959duke
    September 30, 2013

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