Fragments of a Female Consciousness….

nothing more than neurotic & divinely chaotic thoughts.

A Game Still to Win:


A dream in my head.

A heart in your hand.

A shield for protection.

A Game still to win.

My words start for you,

But in the end perhaps they are for me.

Don’t fight for a game that can’t be won,

You will only get lost, lost trying.

Let it go, move on,

Say all you need to say,

Get it all out,

But then let the cards fall where they may.

Walk away.

Whatever is supposed to follow you will.

Don’t languish away on hearts,

Hearts that don’t give the time of day.

If they did, they would already be here.

Dignity and courage.

Say what you need to say.

And then let go, walk away.

Dignity. Courage and dignity.

Don’t grapple for a moment that has passed.

Gripping some perfect memory.

Alone you may be,

But that perfect memory,

Can not really sustain you.

Holding out for it to return,

In the hope to fill the hole full of burn

I told you already.

You are all you need.

Believe you are gold,

You are worthy.

Worthy of amazing connections,

Connections that are authentic,

Connections that you don’t need to loose you for.

Be present now,

In this moment,

In this detail.

Stop living in your memories.

Stop living in your dreams.

As you move forward,

Yes forward, not back;

Back you will turn to a pillar of salt.

Look into the present moment,

A perfect authentic connection,

That crosses your physical path.

One that meets you in your time.

It will & when it does,

You will have a moment,

A moment of divine clarity.

A moment where all of your memories

Will rush past you and be gone.

Gone forever.

In that moment you will know,

Why nothing ever worked out,

Why you, with your perfect words,

Couldn’t reconcile it all.

In that moment you will know

With certainty that You Are Worthy.

Be full of Hope. Hope.

Hope. Dear Heathcliff. Faith & hope.

Hold out for that moment.

Dear Heathcliff. Hope.

A shield for protection.

A game still to win.

Don’t give your cards away.

Until you reach that moment of clarity.

Hold onto your hope.

A dream in my head.

A heart in your hand.

A shield for protection.

A Game still to win.

The game is within you.


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