Fragments of a Female Consciousness….

nothing more than neurotic & divinely chaotic thoughts.

Just a poet, waiting at a bus stop. A muse, nothing more.

Just a poet, waiting at a bus stop. A muse, nothing more.

I only want you for your words,
And maybe your accent.
Like a black widow spider,
I’ll fuck your words,
I’ll take them for all they will give me.
I’ll eat you up, until you’re just a whisper.
A whisper on my lips,
Just a voice in my head.

What is the good of you?
So very far away.
Fate, a higher purpose,
Some kind of amazing orchestration.
Random unexpected connections,
A fallen star and a fucked up butterfly.
Did you not realize?
I did tell you, I did warn you.

Ill eat you up and spit you out.
But it’s ok.
You’re not real,
I’ve made you all up.
Just in my head,
All just some kind of reflection.
So nice to meet you.

An ocean between us.
The distance is no accident,
I’m too much, too much.
Too much for anybody.
Come too close,
Too close to my black wings,
And you will get burnt.

My wings like whispers of ash.
Floating on your prose.
Small particles of me settling,
Quiet and still on your words.
My flight too much,
My grey ash,
Will take the colour from your words.

All at the same time,
I’m too much and not enough.
Not nearly enough.
I can’t possibly hurt you,
I’m much to far away.
So why does it feel like you could hurt me?

I do declare,
All of this is such idealistic,
Romantic bull shit.
Some soul across the ocean.
Some one I’ve constructed in my head,
A connection with another being,
That has never felt more real.

Your words like an adrenalin shot,
A shot of life strait into my heart.
Wake up, wake the fuck up DC!
Forevermore, breath and life,
My veins now full of words.
Thank you.

I am now bare,
If nothing more,
Thank you.


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