Fragments of a Female Consciousness….

nothing more than neurotic & divinely chaotic thoughts.

Dear Black Butterfly. Dear Me.

photo-13Dear Black Butterfly. Dear Me.

Dear butterfly of shade and grey:
Take your black wings
To find life and fly away
The title of another
Transformed into a prose
The reflection of another
Gave way to my flow

Dear black butterfly
Butterfly of shade,
Butterfly of light and love
I sleep, I fly, I fall…
I fall into a land of darkness,
A land of light and drama

I wake with the idea of flight
I wake dear butterfly
With your wings
I wake with silence
And the sun shining through my window

Sun in the space that fills my room
Words in the space that fills my head
How lovely it is,
To wake,
To wake without being woken
Light and love and shade
In my words and in my head.

No more trapped,
Than we are free
Dear black butterfly
Hi, how are you,
You are me,
In this moment you and I are free.


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